Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vampire Night

The fact that Eric is gone overnight has combined with the fact that I fell asleep in the car for a 90 minute evening nap at Evan's soccer practice to completely mess up my sleep cycle. So, in the spirit of productive sleeplessness, I got completely through all my google reader new items, actually commented on a few blogs and now I'm enjoying some toasted homemade bread and contemplating a cup of cocoa. I really craving grits with butter. Yes, that is one of my favorite foods. It is not at all vampirish, but it is so good. I'm not going to go to all the trouble to make it now, but definitely tomorrow for breakfast or lunch.
Actually, I have groceries to put away, yes at this ridiculous hour, because I was supposed to go get groceries during the aforementioned soccer practice. Obviously that didn't happen. Then I was going to go after family night festivities, but Sara has been weirdly sick for a week and I figured I'd better go see what's going on, so she and I went to Nighttime Pediatrics. It was worthwhile to find out what it's not (not mono, not strep, not flu) and just tuck in to ride out the virus. So that was handled.
THEN, because breakfast looms, I went to the Grocery Store. Harris Teeter was open, but only the self-checkout lanes were available. I had a whole cartful and of course the self-checkout takes forever under those circumstances. Or maybe it's just me that can't seem to work the scanner, bag the stuff without making the very persnickety talking lady inside the computer mad and do it all with people staring at me. It probably is just me, but there you go. There were two customers in the store and 6 workers standing there watching us take forever to check out. But no, they could not open a regular checkout lane that late at night. Note to Future-Kellie: Don't go to Harris Teeter after 10 pm if you are buying more than 3 things. Just don't do it. So, after all that, we got home around 11 and I thought I'd just fall gratefully into bed after making my rounds of putting the house to sleep. Yet here I am...
Now I think I'm done being distracted by the computer and I'm back round to the 12 bags of groceries waiting patiently on the floor of my house. There are no perishables, so it is tempting to let them sit, but knowing I have 14 guests coming at 5:50 am is a powerful motivator. So, I will go do it and maybe it will make me tired enough to finally have that grateful fall into blissful slumber.



  1. I knew you were up late with me tonight, Kellie! I also got through my 100+ new items in my GoogleReader. What a chore!

    Sometimes I hate those self-check things. I'm okay with them at Weis, but at Wal-mart I can't make them work for the life of me. It's enough to make me want to swear.

    Okay, I'm seriously off to bed now. Sweet dreams!

  2. Good to know I was in good company tonight, and see, both Mendy and I were up later then you! :-) Hey, are you on flickr and I, not your flickr pal? I'll have to check into that!

  3. Man, you ladies stay up later than I do. Those self-checkers stress me out too, especially when you have produce to weigh. Those workers should've helped you. How nice that you got a nap. You're going to need one today too. You should've just left your groceries and let your 14 guests put them away for you, it would wake them up.

  4. Wow- what a night! And, 5:50 am guests?? You, my friend, are a much better person than I! If there were any unrelated persons in my house at 5:50 am, they would most definitely NOT want to see any of my family-- no one is nice at all that early in the morning! :) Hope your sleep gets regulared out soon!

  5. You had me at the title!!! Hee hee! I hope you are able to make up some of that lost sleep today!! And enjoy those grits and butter!:)

  6. I love this post. I find myself doing this, especially when I have an early morning the next day.

  7. Sadly, I have many of these nights. I stay up doing necessary things and then I need some downtime and forget the consequences!

    GRITS! YAY! That is serious comfort food. I think I'm going to scrap the tuna sandwiches we were going to have for dinner and make grits tonight. Thanks for the idea.

  8. Oh man. I have those nights - it's always fun to see who is up with me :)

  9. I find myself up late a lot nowadays (with an adorable little night-owl), and I'm also trying to embrace that "spirit of productive sleeplessness" by attempting to get caught up on the 500+ unread posts that have piled up since Julia's advent. I was down to 380 last night, only to find myself back up to 403 tonight. If only I could content myself with skimming and not commenting!


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