Wednesday, November 12, 2008

4 Mailed Boxes, 3 French Hens, 2 Turtle Doves

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree...

Free Clipart Picture of a Red Check Mark. Click Here to Get Free Images at Clipart Guide.comYes! I got the 4 packages out the door. They are currently on my porch awaiting carrier pickup this very day. I used all recycled packaging, so my shelf full of boxes and envelopes in the basement earned its keep. I finished up a roll of packing tape, but fortunately, I had more and here's the miracle, it was in the place where it lives so I could find it!

I love having things NOT hanging over my head.

And, as the title might imply, we have started listening to Christmas music. We decided, after being in Home Depot on October 27 and seeing an entire greenhouse of Christmas decorations, that it was time to just succumb to Early-onset Christmas Season Syndrome and enjoy our favorite music of the year. It is definitely motivating me to get ready.


  1. Oooo admitting to listening to Christmas music.... It takes me a while to admit that I too begin quite early. :-) I LOVE the spirit of the season and crave it year round. So glad you got your things done, I on the other hand have still not completed mine.

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  3. Awesome Kellie! I think it is really hard to get packages out too! The hardest part is the packaging though, finding the right box etc. And then when you do get it done, realizing that it costs more to ship it than it did to buy it!!

    Okay, you have just motivated me to get my packages going for Christmas!!!

  4. Nice job with the early packaging!! I'm still listening to Halloween music - does that make me a complete weirdo?? Maybe I need to put my Christmas playlist back on my ipod!:)

  5. good for you for getting things done. feels so good!

    i used to have a rule (in my head) about no christmas music till thanksgiving weekend. i had roommates in college who played it starting at halloween and oh how homesick it made me with still 2 months till i got to go home. this year? i started playing christmas music on november 1st. why not? the season is so short and the music is so good!

  6. Oh it does feel good to get that sort of stuff done. I just got the usps cd in the mail for click and ship. :)
    I, too, have listened to Christmas music...while I was driving to the temple...only to get there and see they have already started putting up the Christmas lights!'s almost Friday! Yippy!!

  7. Oh, stop it! I am too tired to think about decorating or shopping for Christmas. I'm going to start getting stressed. I'm so glad you are prepared and will be so ready for the holidays.
    It was so fun chatting with you on our drive. I loved sharing such a fun night with you.

  8. Early onset indeed! Nice job. Way to go with the packages!


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