Monday, November 03, 2008

Catching up

I have a lot of post titles with those words in them, apparently. Oh well, that's what I'm doing. Today is November 3rd. The Election is tomorrow. I'm sure many of you didn't know that. We'll be out of limbo one way or the other.

School is out today and tomorrow, and I wish I could say that I have a lovely day out of doors planned for my kids. I don't. We are so busy all the time, that, when a day off comes, we just want to stay home in our jammies and veg out. Don't judge us. I will probably let my kids watch tv and play video games until I just can't stand it any more. I will be madly knitting on the last few rows of my project-for-hire and printing out the rest of my handouts for this weekend. You would think that I would enjoy connecting with my kids. Let me tell you about that. Sometimes, even now, I feel so "connected" to my kids that I wonder if the cord ever really got cut. We spend a lot of time together-and it is usually me trying to get them to DO something. They are very disciplined during the week, with little free time. So, it is a refreshing and restorative break in our routine to have me not trying to move them on to the next thing and them just enjoying life for a few hours. T'was not always thus, so this is just evidence of how seasons of life bring changes and new ways of doing things.

I just spent 1.5 hours catching up on blogs, leaving comments and trying to get back into life. I love my bloggy friends so much. I gain so much by enjoying this priviledged look into their varied and interesting and amazing lives. I love reading everything you write even if I'm speed-blogging and don't leave a comment. If I haven't made it round to comment on your blog for a week or so, I'll be back soon. It means a lot to me.

Before that I went for a seven mile run. Yep, seven miles. I can actually do that. It is making me feel a little proud that on a Monday morning, I can step out for a run and keep going (with only the occasional 30-yard walking break) for the same distance it takes me to drive to the mall. It helped trememdously that I had a good friend to keep me going. That, my friends, is a metaphor for life. I do need to remember to appreciate my body though-sometimes I don't.

Tonight, we are joining up with a friend and her kids to go visit the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial. I think it is a fitting place for my kids to be on the night before election day. It will help us all think about things we need to be thinking about. Hopefully I'll get a few photos to share.

So, now I will get up from the computer, get going on the things I need to get going on at my own pace, and enjoy the sound of people NOT rushing around. Have a lovely day.


  1. sounds lovely. I always feel somewhat guilty when we have a day like this (we are pretty much doing the same thing). But I think we all need it every so often

  2. 7 miles??!!! You are amazing. I haven't exercised in so long. And now that it's winter and I can hide under sweaters, the motivation is gone. I love days of just sitting around in sweats. Now it includes eating tons of candy, which is just next to the couch as we watch tv. Can't wait until it's gone. Have fun tonight!

  3. Wow 7 miles is truly impressive! I'm so tired after 2!! Your trip to the Pentagon sounds very poignant for tonight. Hope you have a lovely relaxy day tomorrow!

  4. I love lazy days. Jeffy sometimes says, "Can we have an at-home day?" and I am happy to oblige. I like having no plans sometimes. Makes it fun when you decide to be spontaneous!

    7 miles. nice.

  5. Very impressed with you running...that's awesome. It feels so good to reach those milestones. I am glad you got to have a relax day.


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