Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recent Fun Times

Mixed in among the anti-procrastination efforts and the drooling over Daniel Craig, this last week has been chock full of fun times with friends. Here is a quick run-down:
  • So You Think You Can Dance Concert: This was so fun. I am a poser of a fan of this show-only seen a few episodes-but I love dance, and Sara loves dance, so we spent a little mom & daughter time together watching these incredibly talented young people dazzle up the stage in downtown Baltimore. I'm glad we will have this memory together. The fun was greatly enhanced by spending time with friends along the way.
  • Shopping Adventures in Southeastern PA: 7 of us trekked up to York and Lancaster for shopping extraordinaire, girl-talk till 3 am, and wonderful meals together. Memories were made, bank accounts were emptied and personal fashion triumphs were achieved. What a fun time it was. I scored lots of reasonably priced holiday decor, gifts and a few nice additions to my clothing wardrobe. More importantly, I scored strengthened friendships with some truly amazing women.
  • Washington Philharmonic Singers: One of my dear pals (who loves music as much as I do) and I went down to this lovely church to hear another of our singing friends perform with an amazing vocal ensemble. They sang sacred music from many traditions and time periods, mostly a Capella, in close harmony and with beautiful, haunting melodies. It was nothing short of magical. I've put an example of the type of music we heard on my player. I was literally in tears at the end. I love that music can transcend time and geography and ideology and fill the heart with a spirit of peace and hope.
I feel lucky to live where I live, to know the people I know and to have these memories stored in my heart and mind to make me smile whenever I want.

This week, wrestling season starts and we are down a car , so I'll be experimenting with not having a car 2-3 days a week. It will be interesting to see if I can remember how we did it 20 years ago. I'm kind of excited about the challenge of finding out if we could actually break our dependence on three cars. In romantic theory, I like the idea of being independent and creative by walking and riding my bike a little more and moving the boundaries of my world a little closer to home. People all over the world do it all the time. Even better will be to plan more efficiently and modulate my expectations so that I'm just home sometimes. Oh, that sounds lovely. Probably what will actually happen is that I'll just do a lot more internet shopping. I really hope though, that we can figure out a hybrid plan that will allow everyone to be where they need to be.


  1. Ah, you wrapped up the trip so perfectly. Leave it to you to be able to summarize it so wonderfully. memories, bank accounts and personal fashion triumphs. As for having 2 cars. Yes other countries do it, but they don't over schedule themselves like we do, they have TIME to ride their bike to where they are going. :-) Good luck.

  2. You had such a lot of girl time! I have too, recently, and I'm exhausted. Good luck on one less car.

  3. That's lots of fun times for you, friend. I'm glad about that. It's always lovely to spend time with you :)

  4. PA was so fun! I thoroughly enjoyed being with you! Glad you've been able to do some other fun things too. Good luck with the car situation (call me if you need a ride!)

  5. Loved riding with you to the concert! What a fun shopping experience you had! I hope you followed Scarlett's example and stayed in your budget!

  6. Such fun times!! So so glad I got to see you! I wish you much luck in the car situation!


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