Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Yays and Nays

The Drama That is Life...


  • I got to go to an awesome party on Saturday night and hang out with friends and laugh and feel the true warmth of the holiday season. It was awesome.
  • Two ortho appointments that have been rescheduled more times than I can remember finally happened yesterday. Sara and Evan's teeth are holding steady and, in the words of the Doctor, "They look great!" Evan got his top permanent retainer taken off and will be fitted for a regular retainer in a couple of months. He loves being able to feel the roof of his mouth again.
  • We found Sara's plaster mold of the inside of her mouth for her lost retainer and even though they did a new impression, they didn't charge us because we had the old one with us. Small victories sometimes mean the most.
  • Sara saw a psychiatrist yesterday and has a preliminary diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder. She is happy to be trying Concerta and excited to think that certain challenges may be eased in the near future. When I asked her today after school if she felt any changes, she declared that she feels like she has superpowers and can now fly. Tee hee. We are checking to see if that is a known side effect of Concerta.
  • I got my two main packages that need to be sent for Christmas wrapped, packed and in the pick-up queue for tomorrow. That's a biggie for me.
  • I was able to get some more work doing sample and test knitting.
  • Sara lost her retainer as referred to above. I had bought the insurance. They decided she needs a new kind of retainer so the new one is not covered by the insurance because technically, it is not a replacement. I am appealing the decision. For that reason, I can insert a small "yay" here: I didn't have to pay yesterday, which would have meant Sara was getting a retainer for Christmas.
  • Sara, being a healthy girl, has not had a prescription filled all year, which means she hasn't met her individual prescription deductible, which means it is a really good thing I didn't have to pay for the retainer so that I could buy her meds at full price. I promise I'll give her something else for Christmas.
  • Seminary class this morning went badly. The DVD didn't work, the kids were grumpy, a handout that I was planning on using did not work the way it was supposed to, which completely threw off my rhythm, and it was just really sad. Usually I love teaching this class, but this was discouraging. I wouldn't worry about the odd off day except that it's been happening more this year than ever before. Maybe I've reached my expiration date after 6 years.
  • I had to miss a party today because I was working on tomorrow's seminary lesson. (I skipped my run this morning, too.) It took me 4 hours to finally feel like I got it right, especially since I'm trying to avoid a repeat of today. From all accounts it was a really fun party and I'm determined not to be sniffy about missing it since I just went to a party on Saturday.
Okay, I'm going to quit while I still have more Yays than Nays. Better to keep on the sunny side.


  1. I hate unexpected medical expenses! Bummer. I so missed that party that you went to on Saturday!! So glad that you all had a blast!!:)

  2. Oh, I so missed you today. What a bummer. I hope things work out with the retainer. And we need to chat about this situation with Sara. I have questions

  3. I so love that you can blog about the 'nays' in your life, but still manage to be so optimistic and upbeat. You definitely have some characteristics that I am in sore need of (and truly envy!).

    In our household we have A LOT of experience with ADHD (with my son and my lovely hubby), but Concerta is not one of the meds that has been tried. (My son is on a derivative of Ritalin, called Focalin.) If you ever need to bounce any questions of a non-medical person, feel free to give me a ring!

  4. I, also, admire your positiveness.

    You are scaring me with the retainer story. I have two in braces! One can be very forgetful - leaving the jacket on the bus, school work at school, PE clothes in the PE locker, etc. I'm very, very worried.

    Hope the good karma comes back.

    (Maybe your daughter really has superpowers? Wouldn't that be cool?! :) Glad she is finding some relief.)

  5. WOW. I am happy to know that about Sara. You know how I feel about Concerta :)

  6. we got your card--love it! lots of "yays" in there.

    love your attitude.

  7. there is so much to comment on in this post, but the thing that my mind is obsessing about is of course, that you've already made it to the mailing stage. oh, that i were as well....

  8. Not sure if this will make you feel any better or not, but I LOVED every single one of my seminary teachers for one reason or another. They made such a big difference in my life, as I'm sure you do in the lives of your lucky students. Hang in there! ...... Not that I'd actualy want that job! You are a brave girl! :)

    P.S. Still love reading your blog. Oh... and it was really great to see Randi a few weekends ago.

  9. Just keep ahead of the curve! You are doing great.


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