Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Days are Just Packed

Hopefully this won't jinx us, but it is Thursday and I say with cautious optimism that we've almost made it through the first week back to school and regular life after a really long Christmas break.

The weather's been classic Maryland-style wintry (rain with whole newscasts devoted to the possibility of snow that never comes), but not wintry enough for a snow day, but it is just as well so things can return to some sort of normalcy. I fell while running on Monday and have very swollen knees, but I'm going to try to get back to it today. It is cold and windy, but at least it's not cold and wet.


I made it back from my run and what a run it was! I experienced my first dog attack (very dramatic-a white fluffy thing weighing maybe 8 ounces and standing approximately 6 inches tall at the shoulder viciously bit at my ankles), and there was so much ice on our usual path that we ended up gingerly walking a large part of the route so we didn't have any more falls. Sheesh-it took forever. We did survive and I know, I know, I should have stayed in my nice warm house and done an exercise video or something, but yet I did not, and now I can say I went for my run. It is a bit of a neurotic thing for a runner. Sort of like farmer nose blows. And skinned knees. Point of pride. You know. Well, maybe you don't.

I've had 5 photo shoots over the last couple of weeks and this week I will get the last of the proofing done. Every shoot is still a learning experience, and I love the proofing process, so that will be fun. I'm also doing tons of pro knitting for actual dollars, and that has been a great experience for me. There are moments, when I get a project done to spec, on time, get it packed up and sent out, that I feel like an actual organized person who could maybe make a living out in the real world someday.

Being, as I am, without a degree or any real work experience, I occasionally consider with a little trepidation the reality that I may have to be the breadwinner someday. But maybe my insatiable curiosity and willingness to try anything counts as education in some small way, and my odd hodgepodge of skills will be enough if the time ever comes. When I think about going back to school now, I'm not as excited about it as I once was, but sometimes I think I really should get some credentials. I've been looking into the photography certificate at the local community college. I'm also still interested in digital design and maybe web development, so I'm looking into that, too. Degrees are expensive though, even at the community college, so realistically, those options will have to wait.

The good thing about it is that I do consider myself educated, even though I don't have letters after my name, and I do believe that knowing how to learn is a valuable skill and that should the time come that I have to step up and contribute to my family's welfare in a different way than I contribute now, the way will open and I'll know what to do. For now, that belief will tide me over, and in the meantime I'll keep learning all I can , whether it leads to a degree or not.

Holy cow, can anyone get off on a tangent like me?? Well, thanks for reading anyway.


  1. glad you got to go for your run.... and geezie peezie is the Bishop sick?? LOL, I am just kidding, I know what you mean, I think about this all the time... I just hope and pray that it doesn't happen, and take out big huge life insurance policies. :-)

  2. Hey, I really relate to your post. I have been running for the past year or so and I have good days and bad. I sprained my ankle in June and didn't run for three months. I don't have a tread mill and therefore have to run outside, but the ice and rain kill me! I haven't ever had a dog attack me yet though. (:

    Funny that you talked about education. I have been thinking a TON about it too lately. Then I went to church and they talked about it in RS. I have a Sociology degree, but feel I can't use it for anything specific. I really wanted to get a masters, but now think that I may need to get some kind of a trade instead. It's frustrating to not know what you should become. I thought I would be long past this at my age.
    You have SO many talents. You definitely could provide for your family if you had to!

  3. I don't understand the running thing -- especially when it's cold. I wish I did though. You certainly are dedicated, especially with a dog attacking you -- not fun. I love reading your tangents!

  4. Oh no about the dog attack!! At least it was a tiny little thing! I have many of the same thoughts about my lack of a degree - I used to beat myself up about it... But I know I'm doing my best with the circumstances I've been given and like you just want to learn as much as I can however I come by it.:) You are an incredibly talented and wise person Kellie!!

  5. I have about five different comments I could make but instead I'll just say this: you are one of the most educated people I know :)

  6. Sorry about that doggie! Crazy. I don't like dog attacks. Or ice. I haven't been exercising or running because my poopsie has been sick and only wanting me to hold her stage all week. Ugh.

    My mom is going to school now. It's her 3rd semester, and she has her ups and downs, but I think she is a way better student than I ever was. So, if you do decide to go back, just think about how many things WON'T get in your way and how much more mature you are now. Much better equipped to handle real studying.

  7. You have so many fantastic talents and skills...I'm way impressed. And they are things that you share and that's even more fantastic!

  8. I'm all about education that comes outside of the classroom these days. If I'd gone to grad school like I'd wanted before I had actually done some living, I would have studied the absolutely wrong thing.

    Running outside and encountering dogs totally freaks me out. It's why I'm not a runner. I like the cozy protection of the treadmill while watching TV!

  9. i hear you on the question of how to provide for the fam, if needed. when i was in school, it was really without any thought of practical need. now there are three practical needs plus me, if anything happened to g! a little more sobering. i guess i just need to keep him healthy and safe....

  10. Oh how I enjoy your tangents. :) I've often had similar musings about education and bread-winning.

  11. -i think small white fluffy dogs are the scariest: i was terrified of one as a cookie selling girl scout. and I was bitten by our the one next door (as a dignified 29yo)!

    -I was just thinking tonight how gifted you are in teaching and encouraging others. especially with knitting. there are so many ways that can take you places (and has!) degrees are secondary. : )

    -there was one more thing, but a crying baby beckons....


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