Friday, February 06, 2009


Last weekend was my annual trip to the cabin in PA. It was great as usual. A favorite time. The words I would use to sum it up are:

This week has been spent running, recovering from runs, anticipating Sara's music festival tomorrow, rejoicing in Sam's good week of wrestling, and wondering if Evan has pinkeye. Tomorrow is one of those Saturdays with no blank space on the calendar and everyone going different directions, but it is all good stuff, so it should be a good day. I've put up a couple new book reviews (see the sidebar) and started a new book which has me thinking way too much about the concept of Happiness. I'm not sure being happy lends itself to thinking about it a lot, but I'll let you know if it actually does help. Oh, and Ev does not have the disease most dreaded by school nurses.

For your viewing pleasure, and knowing that this is not nearly as universally enjoyable as a child's first steps or a trip to the pumpkin patch, I offer up Sam's last wrestling victory. He is in the Maroon uniform and starts out on the left. If you don't know anything about wrestling, I'll tell you that he won 5-2 and pretty much dominated except for one moment when the other kid got the better of him. Overall, it was a good win for him. Commentary is by Eric and my Dad. Also, he got a mention in a local sports write-up. Sam's match (160) is one of the ones that the other coach said they expected to win but they didn't!


  1. What fun to spend the weekend with such good friends. You all look so happy.

    I don't know anything about wrestling, but man, I would have been biting my fingernails watching my son do that. Great job Sam.

  2. WAHOO SAM!! Fantastic times. You look smokin hot in that picture, by the way. I'm so glad you had a fun time :)

  3. cozy cabin weekend. yum. : )

    I only watched half of the video clip but was impressed with Sam's skill. I was often dismissive of the wrestlers in HS as smelly big boys, but the strength and skill and speed is really amazing. good for him!

  4. wow, I've never watched wrestling before. That was cool. Good for him. That looks really hard. Your trip looks amazing

  5. Thanks for posting that wrestling match! I watched it with Alec. He had never seen a match before and loved watching Sam win! Maybe he's going to want to put on one of those flattering uniforms someday.

  6. So fun! I love those icicles.


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