Sunday, April 12, 2009

Book Review: The Friday Night Knitting Club

The Friday Night Knitting Club
Kate Jacobs
Fiction with a knitting theme

So, I mentioned the ploethora of knitting tomes that have, dare I say, flooded the market in recent years. This one is probably the most famous and best-selling of them all on the literary side of things. It actually made it onto the NY Times Bestseller List and for a niche-y sort of book like this, that is something for the author to be proud of. I have resisted reading this for years, and I'm not sure why. I guess because it's not something I would normally read if it weren't for the knitting angle. But, because so many of my students and knitting pals have asked me about it, I read it. It turned out to be okay-predictable and a bit contrived for me, but okay. It is a nice story of women coming together to become friends and supporters of one another against the backdrop of a cozy yarn shop on NYC's Upper West Side. It touches the emotions and made me laugh and cry, so it did its job as a way to escape through reading. Famous Knitter Julia Roberts is at work on the film adaptation. I'll be curious to see how that translates for the non-knitting public, or maybe she'll just play up the knitting, count it as a labor of love and not worry about how it translates.

If you like stories about women's relationships; crafts and knitting; New York City; plucky single moms; or stories that deal with redemption and second chances, you might like this book.

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