Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tender Mercies

According to the Bible, a tender mercy is evidence of God's goodness, his loving care over his children here on earth. That is the way I choose to think of God and today, there were many little things that happened that I choose to think of as tender mercies rather than simply coincidences.

Take this photograph for instance. I found it on my card as I was uploading other things. My daughter has a lovely photographic eye and this is one of the very creative shots she took one day out in the garden. I'm so pleased we have something to share during these squirrelly teenage years. I also love that it is not a typical picture of a flower, it is from an unexpected angle. I love the courageous way she looks at the world.

Tender mercies are like that. You can either look at them straight on and think, whew, what a relief that things happened to work out that way, or you can look at them from a different angle and notice the light coming through and think something like:
The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works. (Psalm 145:9)

And sometimes, tender mercies are just about as common as a daffodil. It was certainly nothing big that happened to me today. I just had a serious lot to do today and all morning long, things simply went well. Better than well. I found 20 minutes here and there. Every store had just what I needed. I remembered to get everything on my list (well except toilet paper, but we're not completely out yet), rain cleared away to sunshine just at moments when I was tempted to get down on myself. So, rather than being a wreck worrying about my trip this afternoon, I have time to write about how grateful I am that I have the opportunities that I do, and that I have friends who love me, and a family that is smart and capable enough to get along quite well without me for a couple of days. I'm looking forward to a fun lunch with friends that will leave me smiling and enjoying the day rather than the unfortunate alternative.

I hope you are able to notice a few tender mercies today, whatever your beliefs about where they might come from.


  1. I needed this post at this very moment.... I wasn't planning on reading blogs right now... but, I saw your title and thought, I need to read that. Thank you Friend. {hugs} If you haven't downloaded yet, you need to buy "Tender Mercies" Rick Logan. SOOOO GOOD!

  2. Oh, I just saw the Michael McLean does it too.

  3. Lovely post Kellie - your outlook is always so positive. That picture is beautiful!

  4. Love the story, love the picture. She should join the photography group!

  5. so true. i've been thinking a bit about tender mercies and i need to notice them more in my own life.

    and i love the light coming through the daffodil petals. lovely shot.


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