Thursday, June 18, 2009

Self-Indulgent, Funky Post Instead of Actual Blogging

So, I'm still in a bit of a funk due to fairly significant changes in my life, and I just don't like to use my blog for self-indulgent spewing but yet that seems to be what comes out when I start typing. I'll try to control it here, but I'm pretty sure it will end up as little better than whining. My apologies in advance.

I do have a new assignment at church as a follow up to my previous post, but it is best for me not to talk about it yet because we have a process of common consent and my name will be presented to the congregation for a sustaining vote on Sunday. So, no blogging about that yet.

We are getting iPhones, but after lusting after one for two years, I'm suddenly ambivalent about it due to the expense and the increased techno-slavery I fear they will induce, so I don't feel like blogging about that and being all complain-y about something that is a ridiculous privilege for me to have and about which I should be thrilled. So, no blogging about that.

My garden is doing fine, but I'm just not sure how interesting such things as "My early girl tomatoes have set fruit," and "I've used my home-grown cilantro three times this week," and "I haven't figured out where to put the volunteer pumpkin plant and now it is too big to move so it is going to take over the garden" really are. I made one batch of supposedly idiot-proof strawberry freezer jam that didn't work-the sugar didn't dissolve despite the correct amount of stirring, the pectin formed tiny cartilaginous lumps of weirdness, and thus it didn't set up right. I'm resolutely using it because it still tastes delicious, it just makes for a messy sandwich. Luckily, it is good on ice cream. So, I guess that counts as something of a story, but really?

Jeff is back at university, and everyone else is just holding their collective breath until the last day of school tomorrow. Everyone is doing fine, but they're all checked out of school for the most part so getting them up and keeping them motivated has been annoying at best.

I've been completely unable to focus on a book for weeks. I haven't finished anything for any of my book groups, but worse yet, I keep starting new things, so I'm in the middle of about 4 different books. It's maddening. I'm hoping I can curl up with a short, easy favorite book this afternoon to while away the rain, but we'll see. I may have to resort to a movie. I haven't logged on to my online group to participate in a while. It may be time to give that up anyway, so maybe this bout of reader's block will finally make that decision for me. I'm almost finished Shakespeare's The Tempest (I was supposed to be done on Monday), but netflix won't let me watch the instant version on my computer because of our safety settings and there is some glitch in the override system (speaking of techno-slavery). So, horror of horrors, now I have to wait for them to send the DVD or go look for it at the Library. See? I can't even believe I'm annoyed about something like that. Holy Cow.

Okay, since writing like this only makes me feel better to a certain degree before it starts to make me feel worse, I'm going to stop with a relevant but faintly hopeful declaration, courtesy of someone I can totally relate to right now: "Better out than in, I always say." Thanks for the wisdom, Shrek.


  1. Hey , you know, that is one of the least whiny of whiny posts I've ever read. I would have Loved to hear about your jam adventure.. I did a jam post last year, and took pictures. I love them. Your garden is you... so why not write about it.. take pics too. I have a girlfriend who is blogging her garden and it is fun to see and inspiring.

  2. It sounds like change is in the air!!!

  3. Hey Kellie! My goodness you are only human...everyone is allowed to whine once in a while. I am with the other posts...I would love to hear about your garden, and your post is not all that whiny. I was just thinking about you today at work and thought it might be about time for another outing. I will e-mail or call you soon, so we can come up with something.

  4. Oh girl, if this is whiny, then I dare say you must NEVER visit my blog again!! :)

    Seriously though, it sounds like you know best what you need right now, so feel free to "whine" or not to whine... we'll listen either way!

  5. Hey, friend, everyone hits a funk now and then. You're going through some major changes, and a small mourning period is allowed. Just remember, youre the one that climbed to the top of the really high wall, up and over an overhang, and all the way up. You are amazing. And non-set freezer jam is the best ice cream topping there is. I'm convinced.

  6. I hope things are looking up a little more with the official arrival of summer and the permission to transition into a new routine. I can completely relate to being stuck in the middle of four books at once. I'm not quite done with the Tempest either. And I love hearing about your garden, especially now that I've seen it in person. :) There's something so rewarding about using your own home-grown cilantro.


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