Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Begins

This week has been very summery, both weather-wise and in terms of that certain feeling that goes with summer. Time seems to slow down a bit, afternoons get hot and steamy, and the fireflies are out! The weather this week has been iconic, in fact, even beautiful. It has been hot and a bit humid, but one of my own little meteorological indicators is the color and clarity of the sky. I can almost predict the humidity levels. This week, the skies have been clear and blue with fluffy white clouds. The real dog days of summer will bring hazy, brassy skies with few clouds and air that is positively visible from humidity. Thankfully we're not there quite yet.
The garden has exploded and the spinach went from baby to bolted (blossomed and past prime for eating) in just a few days. I may have some yellow squash this week and even a tomato. The lilies in front are going full bore-oh how I love my lily border.
We have lots of apples this year, which is good news as we've had several years without any. The kids are so excited about at least a few batches of homemade applesauce.

The kids have started their cycle of camps and other summer things, like swimteam and early practice for fall high school sports. Afternoons and evenings find the boys playing frisbee with friends, and we've already been to Rita's for yummy, icy treats. There's no real sleeping in yet, with swim practice at the unholy hour of 8 am, but that will come.

Today, the most summery thing of all happened. I thought I would be teaching at a shop in PA all day but sign-ups were low and the classes were canceled. Instead of being sad, it feels like I'm on vacation! I'm going to stay in my PJ's for another half hour, then I'll be off to run errands and such, but mostly, the day is my own. That is the golden essence of summer to me.


  1. Lovely... That tomato is SO close. So did you miss your spinach or were you able to get a spinach/ strawberry salad w/ poppy seed dressing, in first?

  2. Just when I started to grumble about the humidity the other day and finally broke down and put the A/C on for the first time this year, I realized that I hadn't seen anything yet! Oh, August around here is so SO very humid.

    Beautiful pictures!!


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