Friday, October 16, 2009

8 Ways to Be a Lifetime Learner as a Parent

I loved this from one of my favorite blogs, Simple Mom. I'm still thinking about this a lot, and these are things that I can consciously incorporate into life, even with teenagers. I know it pertains mostly to we as adults keeping ourselves sharp while we parent, I feel like I can use the same principles to make sure the kids get in these same kinds of habits. We've done a few successful things lately, such as keeping a math game at the table that we can play for a few minutes anytime, and I'm going to institute a system of having the kids prepare lessons for our weekly Family Home Evening from old magazines that I need to get rid of but want to make sure I've squeezed all the good out of them. Anyway, there is always something good over at Simple Mom and this one was no exception.

8 Ways to Be a Lifetime Learner as a Parent

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