Monday, October 26, 2009

Good Times on the Road

Here is my view from earlier today as I drove from Connecticut to West
Point NY. I taught at Stitches East all weekend and am in the second
half of bookending my working trip with a pleasurable ride through the
awesome autumnal splendor of the northeast. This view is of the Hudson
river just before crossing it to head to my dear pal's house. This
area is so astonishingly beautiful that it is actually hard to take
in. I just can't stop looking and looking at the colors and mountains
and rivers and how they are so perfectly arranged. This image is from
my humble phone, but I'll be posting some from my real camera when I
get home.


  1. OH man. And it was georgous in the summer time - I can't imagine it in the fall!!

  2. Oh, I can't wait to see the pics from your camera--- this is the area of NY where Scott grew up. West Point was basically just behind his back yard. We've been wanting to take the kids all up there in both the fall and the winter, because the natural beauty is beyond description- you've just got to see it. :)

    (The drive from CT to there was a very familiar one for Scott throughout college-- one he did to see me many, many times!)

  3. SO beautiful! phone or no phone.

  4. Amazing. I hope you are having fun.

  5. Beautiful. I miss the amazing colors and crisp coolness of Fall. Palm Trees stay green all year long. Thanks for sharing

  6. Great COMP! Those I phone Cameras are not too shabby eh? Brent has gotten some good shots off of his too. Can't wait for you're next blog w/ pics. :-)

  7. I just love the intensity of a beautiful fall drive. thanks for sharing and I look forward to more glimpses!

  8. Wow!! And from your camera? I can't wait see your pictures. It was such a treat to have you here!!!!


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