Monday, December 14, 2009

The Story of the Very Large Tree, Part 2

Here she is, all decorated, except for the tinsel, which we'll save for Christmas Eve. As you can see,  we have a scrapbook tree, meaning the only theme is memories. I have every single little crafted paper or yarn or ribbon or wire ornament that my kids have ever made, plus every ornament that was a gift, or a souvenir of a trip. My attempt at continuity comes from many, many icicles made of glass. I also like crystal pendants and glass balls. Here's how we rearranged the room for the tree, and I like how all the seating faces each other and the tree first, and the TV, while still easily viewable on the right side, out of the frame, is not the centerpiece of the room.

Someday I think I'd like to catalog my ornaments, because each one has a specific and special memory attached. I usually don't keep them if they don't. The carved wooden bell  is from our honeymoon-our first ornament as a family. The delicate glass icicles are some of my most recent purchases and I love them because they really look like water that has either just frozen or is about to melt back into liquid.

Most of the icicles in the lower branches are plastic, but they really look sparkly. I keep them because the cats and kiddies can't hurt them but they still blend in beautifully.

So there is the story of our very large tree. I hope it will hold some happy memories for my children.


  1. Gorgeous! I love the icicles!

  2. I love your giant tree! I am so happy for you and your family. It is beautiful! Wish I could come see it in real life. :-)

  3. That is a beautiful tree :)

  4. Very large and fun! I love when the tree is a focal point too.

  5. That is fabulous. and i love the looking up shot! and i love calling it a scrapbook tree instead of the hodge podge tree which i call mine. :)


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