Wednesday, January 06, 2010

More About the New Year

It's been fun to read my way around my personal blogosphere and see how people celebrate and mark the new year. I've enjoyed reading about the decision to make resolutions or to consciously avoid them. I've read about ten-year plans and lovely traditions. I've been inspired by simple goals and ambitious desires for real change. I liked this idea over at Simple Mom a lot-the concept of monitoring personal satisfaction with life appeals to me. I especially love the idea of NOT making resolutions just because the date has changed. Several of my pals expressed similar thoughts about the new year, and I think it is smart.

The other thing that resonated for me about the post from Simple Mom is that January is not a time of big action for me. Here in the temperate area where I live, it is a time of darkness and cold. Because of that (and I recognize that this will be different depending on where folks do live) it tends to be a time of quiet, of rest after the holidays, of waiting and gathering strength. Spring and fall are definitely the times of doing new stuff.  

So, while I do have a new personal blog for myself about my relationship with money and material things, and I have made some necessary new plans in that area, I'm pretty happy with my life. My relationships are sound, I have things that bring me joy, and I have things that challenge me.  Of course I'm always irked about being "obese" on the BMI scale (Really, who came UP with that?), and I always want my house to be a little cuter and cleaner, but those thoughts are not new for this year, and neither of them is critical enough for me to completely change direction about. I already spend as much energy on those things as I'm willing to right now. That may change in the future.  For the most part,  I'm just trying to stay the course. I work to recognize the good in my life and maintain a kind of equilibrium between feeling satisfaction with myself and the world while still living with a sense of curiosity and engagement. I call that doing my best.


  1. I agree, I am going to have to go and check out this Simple mom. Sounds insightful. However, one must be careful not to use the resolve to NOT get on the new year bandwagon as a reason to be complacent. (not meaning that you are... meaning that I would surely turn it into that, cuz I love to find ways to justify my laziness. :-) )

  2. I don't agree with new year res i think if it's that important to me then i should try when i think about it, weather it be sep or april or june. So I just keeo trying to be better. Love you lots kellie

  3. i also like that idea of assessing my personal satisfaction with life. it seems like when i'm NOT satisfied, it's a clue that something needs to be adjusted.

  4. Seriously, that stupid Obese! All I know is, you look WAY better than me at obese. Anywho, I like to think of things like fixing up the house and working on photobooks as "projects" and not resolutions. You have years to do projects, and you can get inspired to do one at a time at any moment. Much more productive!


Thank you for sharing your insights!