Monday, January 18, 2010

My Day in Poorly Constructed Sentence Fragments

Today I:
  1. Got up at 6:49 am
  2. Did not go running
  3. Worked with Hubby to clean the house and make breakfast for 25 youth group kids and leaders who came to my house for a meeting.
  4. Enjoyed chatting with a friend who came to the meeting and appreciated her helping me to cook the sausage and bacon even though I think a grease spatter burned her hand and even though the meat didn't burn, the house got all smoky because we were trying to cook it quickly.
  5. Cleaned up after said breakfast meeting, and after recently reading a book about Japan and all their beautifully simple traditions, enjoyed the process of giving my kitchen a really good clean, which was a weird feeling...the enjoying part, not the clean part.
  6. Invited my mom to come over and eat leftover waffles, which she did while we had a nice chat. 
  7. Went upstair to knit a bit and listen to an audiobook.
  8. Fell asleep after 5 minutes.
  9. Woke up an hour later and helped E with his big history project which is driving us both crazy
  10. Sent kids to local bookstores to help E look for books on the history of gunpowder because the library doesn't have anything useful and the books on Amazon that might be useful are textbooks and therefore cost more than taking everyone to a movie, and I imagine that no amount of popcorn would make them entertaining.
  11. Invited my grandma over to eat leftover waffles, which she did, and we had a nice chat, then a walk around the block and I introduced her to my mom's pet rabbit. 
  12. Spent a good hour figuring out how to stick a Lego spaceship to a display board without damaging the Lego pieces because we only have 5000 in the house and we can't possibly spare the 15 that were used to build this "3 dimensional artifact" for E's other project, also due tomorrow!!!
  13. Continued E's research of the history of gunpowder online and found one useful resource through the library at a national park site, of all places.
  14. Gave multiple pep talks to E explaining that his teacher's comments actually were intended to be helpful and he, E, will be glad that he worked so hard on this project even though I myself am ready to go have a conference because his, the teacher's, comments actually aren't helpful and are full of  abstruse, contradictory instructions in handwriting so illegible as to require both E and I to pore over it and decipher it as if it were a secret code. ARGHHH!
  15. Got E through the process of finishing what he needed to do while simultaneously eating leftover homemade chocolate pudding (yes, it helped with that arghhh thing) and skillfully using the microwave to warm up mugs of leftover chicken soup for dinner, of which I did have a serving, after I finished my pudding of course.
  16. Infused a cozy, warm feeling into our dinnertime by lecturing three teenagers on the rudeness of wearing headphones constantly and forcing adults to become grumpy when they don't really want to. 
  17. Prolonged the happy mood by trying to figure out how two teenagers are allegedly so completely prepared for tomorrow's midterm when I had yet to witness anything resembling studying.
  18. Decided to remember what I was like as a teenager and reminded myself that they will be okay, then ate more pudding.
  19. Made hot cocoa for me and E, and yes I know-that is a lot of chocolate-flavored dairy products for one day but remember, I live with three teenagers AND a lawyer.
  20. Watched the second half of Return to Cranford recorded from Masterpiece Classic. 
  21. Got very excited to find out that a new version of Jane Austen's Emma is the next thing coming up on Masterpiece. 
  22. Made more hot cocoa for S.
  23. Thought about rousing myself and doing a video workout but then thought better of it and instead, with a large spoon, ate all the leftover whipped cream that I had made for the pudding and hot cocoa, and enjoyed every bit of it, and just so you know,  it was organic cream from local, happy cows, so it was like eating health food, I'm sure.
  24. Watched a couple of episodes of Good Eats with Alton Brown (I really want to try his cupcake and frosting recipes!), fell asleep again, woke up and turned the tv off. 
  25. Gathered the kids for our family prayer and scriptures and went over the calendar for the week.
  26. Gave the kitchen another once over after the last of the cocoa and pudding, and actually enjoyed it again, I think because it, the kitchen, was not wearing headphones, asking me for help with a project, or swearing that it was ready for its midterm tomorrow. 
  27. Ran my dishwasher for the 4th time today-not kidding. 
  28. Wrote this. 
Now I'm going to bed to wait for Hubby to come home. He was supposed to have the day off, but got called in to meet a pressing deadline. He worked till midnight on Friday and tonight is shaping up the same way. I can't sleep till everyone's home, so maybe now I'll get some knitting done.


  1. Seriously exhausted after reading about your day. Wow, you are amazing! Electronics of any kind have been banned from our table. We have had to ban books as well. Yes, the point is to actually talk to one another. Gasp. I hope you have a peaceful day today.

  2. Wow. Full, full day. This made me smile so many times, I lost track. :)

  3. I LOVE all the chocolate eating..mmmm That was my favorite part of the day. I should do a post like this. It was fun to run through a day with you.
    Oh and PS
    not looking forward to Teenagers... will try to remind myself about the whole "when I was a teen" thing.

    oh and PS again.... don't suppose you've had time to make those LONG hats?

  4. Whew. I want some pudding! It was neat to read a snapshot of your eventful day!

  5. Wow. That was a day and a half!

  6. That is a day. I had a dream about you last night (you were going on a mission and asked me to sing at your farewell and I forgot and missed Sacrament meeting and then sat next to you at church the next hour like nothing was amiss and didn't realize or apologize until 3rd hour), and felt like I really needed to get caught up on your blog! So here I am. I don't know if you can have too many milk-based chocolate products with teenagers in the house. I was just thinking of Jeffy and Ethan as teenagers . .. yikes!

  7. Like Cami, this just made me think of my life in 10 years and WOAH. Glad I'll have you to talk to then :)

  8. i have so many days like that, i love it that you do too hehe!

  9. my I'M tired!! what a long day. you are such a good mommy!


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