Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blogging Madness!

I thought I'd write a bit about where else you can find me in the blogging world. I have so many interests, and I'm working hard on all of them, so why not share?  For the past 6 weeks or so, I've been posting every other day to a professional knitting blog called Two Sides of the Same Stitch. I'm working with a friend, Gwen Bortner, who I met while teaching knitting at national conferences. We found each other to be simpatico and discovered that we shared a deep, geeky love of the technical aspects of knitting, so we decided to write about it. We're just getting going and trying to shape the real focus of what we want to accomplish, but I'm excited about it and enjoying it very much.

I also keep a personal knitting blog called Knitting Inspiration, which has taken a back seat as I've tried to be really consistent posting to the other one. I do still like the idea of just writing about knitting without any professional aim, plus this is where I share my personal projects.  I will get back to it.

And just today, in response to a couple of recent inquiries about my photography, I decided to  make a real photography blog. I've been trying to get a pro site polished enough to go fully live for a long time now and have not enjoyed the process. But blogging I know like the back of my hand. So, in an hour or so, I now have a place to go to record my photo work, to show it to people who are interested and to collect links to articles and ideas from the web that have been helpful to me.  You're welcome to check it out and share it. It's called, funnily enough, Kellie Nuss Photography.  I will keep working on my other site, and maybe if I get to a point when I really want to make photography a competitive business instead of something I like to share with friends, I'll be more motivated to get the site rolling. I'm actually good with the way things are, though. It feels right.

I've thought about a book blog, but right now I'm just not reading enough to warrant it. I'm a lightweight in terms of numbers of books read, plus with my jump-in-with-both-feet personality, I'd want to join challenges and read everyone else's book blog, etc., and I don't want to take the time for that, as worthwhile as it would be. So, I'll keep posting my occasional book reviews on my sidebar. Though I probably won't get any better at using goodreads or shelfari,  I do like writing the occasional review to gather my thoughts about a particular book, but that's about the extent of it.

So for now, there I am. All over the place.  If you get tired of reading my actual thoughts, the TMI ones that are found here, then feel free to take a break and read my thoughts about other subjects.


  1. Oh, I always love to read your thoughts, TMI or not!

  2. I'm like you. I did finally do my movie blog, only because there's no shelfari or flikr for that. But I have 15 blogs of some kind already, and I just don't want to jump into the book blogging world. I have a feeling I'd start to feel some obligation and whatnot, and also have to read other book blogs. I feel I'm in a blogging slump. Don't read or write very much. I'll go on over to your photo blog though! Fun!


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