Monday, April 26, 2010

And Again

Yep, a two-post day. I just can't seem to stop typing. I updated my knitting blog, answered a bunch of emails and now am getting settled down for the evening. I was away all weekend in Atlanta teaching at a knitting conference. That's me on the left. On the right is my good friend Gwen. We blog together here. If you're not a knitter and wondering what on earth we are, er, costumed as, it is a circular knitting needle, commonly used instead of the more familiar long, straight needles.

All my classes went well and as usual, I enjoyed seeing my pals that also teach. I'm starting to have repeat students and that is extremely fun--to start to know faces and names of those who actually seek me out for classes.  I just pinch myself every time I come home-I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to be there.

The lacrosse game I posted about earlier went fine, in spite of the rain. E's team lost, but they fought bravely in the steady downpour and came back from a large deficit to within two goals of tying it up.  E's injury from a couple of weeks ago got opened up again and he will have a nice dramatic scar for storytelling. In the end, the evening turned pleasant in a misty, mossy sort of way. The air changed as the rain clouds blew away and fog enveloped us just as the game was ending. The leaves have come out enough that the landscape is now at its lush, damp spring peak. It's as if you can see things growing without even needing the time-lapse photography. The air is heavy and close as the views go from empty trees with sky beyond to the velvety walls of the great eastern forest in which we live. It really is lovely in its way. I'm hoping to really get moving on the garden this week as a special friend of my oldest son is coming to visit in a couple of weeks and I want the house to be inviting and peaceful for her.

It's very good to be home.


  1. Took me a minute to figure out what you were sticking your faces through. :-) LOL, I guess it's a knitter thing. :-)

  2. You know, one of my most vivid memories of Maryland as a missionary was how dramatically and rapidly spring came on--one week it was all gray/brown, and the next just bursting with green. It really did seem like you could watch the plants growing.

  3. Special friend? Oldest Son? Uh oh...
    So glad you have such great opportunities with your hobby!


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