Thursday, April 08, 2010

Spring Break: The Week Slows Down

So, after our big outing on Monday, Tuesday was spent catching up, cleaning up and then as a reward, we all went to an afternoon movie. We saw How to Train your Dragon-very good fun. "Stoic the Vast" may be the best name for a movie character, ever.

Wednesday was spent mostly in the car. S and I drove down to Kings Dominion but instead of going to the actual amusement park, we went across the street to the Burger King to meet up with her friend from way down yonder in Virginia. They met at EFY (retreat for Mormon teens)  and have become really close pals, so it is worth the drive to get them together. I have a soft spot for good friends and I'll pretty much do whatever I can to cultivate the relationship. I got to meet the friend's mom and she was delightful.  Then we turned around and drove home with the friend installed for a three-day visit. Amazingly, two teenaged girls did not want to stop at Mt. Vernon or the DC Workhouse and Reformatory Historic District that we drove right past. I know! Somehow, in spite of missing out on these scintillating destinations, they seem to be having a good time.

Yesterday morning I started feeling yucky, but am chalking it up to allergies. My hayfever gets worse every year. I think it might be time to move somewhere new. I never really struggled with allergies but now they just knock me out. Fortunately, my generic Aller-tec from Costco is doing the trick on most of the symptoms except the aches and the cough.

So, today I'm catching up on laundry, knitting, cleaning and clutter control while the kids veg out.  E is out shopping with grandma and Auntie for new shorts. His growth spurt continues and I can hardly keep him in clothes. S and pal are taking walks under the blossoming trees and the oldest boy is finishing up homework.  My sister's twin boys are here with us eating peanut butter balls and applesauce while I sniffle and move slowly through the house trying to reclaim some order. I must digress here and ask why it is that when one is DE-cluttering, meaning getting rid of huge amounts of stuff, meaning every day I fill up another bag bound either for the trash or the goodwill,  again I ask WHY is the mess worse now that it was before? I'm just about ready to call and order up the roll-away dumpster. I was tempted to sneak boxes into my mom's POD that has been sitting in the driveway for two weeks, mocking me with its silent declaration that my parents are indeed moving away, but I figured they would be somewhat surprised to find it filled up overnight with someone else's boxes. Anyway, I will keep up the effort to find redemption from my packratty ways, in spite of the discouragement of a house that does not really reflect my perception of myself.

Okay, digression over. Oh yes, today. Well, I just got done trash-can diving for a receipt that I recorded then tore up just a bit too soon-none of the gift cards the Holiday Rodent just brought are activated so I have to get back to the store and get that taken care of,  bearing nothing but smelly bits of receipt stapled hopefully to a piece of printer paper. Sheesh. I was able to get new seats to Phantom of the Opera after they canceled the entire week of shows that included the date I was originally scheduled to attend. That's a big to-do checked off and a huge relief. So, not so much a relaxing day today, but the good news is that dinner will be a fund-raiser at Chick-fil-A which thrills me-a warm thank you goes out to S's friend who is going on a mission trip to New Orleans. A good cause AND no cooking for me!

Tomorrow we go to the Amish Market to find amazingly and expertly-cooked goodness of all sorts, then we come home to eat it all,  then try to get to the National Aquarium,  then Saturday everyone heads home and we get ready to sail with flying colors through the last few weeks of school.


  1. Sounds like you're keeping busy! hopefully you'll get more sleep once the kids are back in school. You know, those nice morning and afternoon naps... ;)

  2. I can always relate so well to your posts. I could just copy and paste it right to my blog. Well the parts about how you feel about your house, and such.

    It hit me yesterday that our daughters are having birthdays very soon. That kind of sneaked up on me. No far, they have to stay Mia Maids. Oh well.

    Happy back to school tomorrow.


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