Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I'm still unable to talk. I can use all my breath and make a sort of croaking sound, but still mostly whispering. The kids are getting a big kick out of the whole thing. They've figured out that they can say things like, "You're dumb, Mom," (get it?) and "The frog has spoken," etc.  It's all good fun. I'm glad that a part of the culture of our family is humor, so I can roll with their teasing for a couple more days. Plus I am feeling better from the sickness part, so it's all good.  I'm back to doing all my normal stuff after completely crashing on Monday and even part of the morning today. I felt much better after finally getting a shower at 12:30 pm.

Which is a good thing because even though I've been asked to not make a huge deal about it, one of my children celebrated her sixteenth birthday today and I needed to be able to do some things. I think she had a really good one. I will have to refer you to previous posts about her because she felt pretty strongly about me not gushing on about her today here in my blog. So I won't.  I'm mostly happy that she's happy. She got flowers and cards cake from friends and ribs and a sundae with a sparkler in it from Famous Dave's and as far as I can tell, that is really all she wanted.  I'm also happy that she's who she is at this milestone age. I feel so privileged to be her mom. She even let me send her off with a hug this morning, which is a rare and precious opportunity for us. So, I'm glad she knows I love her. Even if I am dumb.


  1. She can't be 16! there is just NO way! :-( Too fast. Happy birthday girl! Can't wait to see pics of the first date. LOL!!

  2. Ditto what Christie said! Holy cow! I remember picking her up to babysit and we were talking about her upcoming 14th birthday and that she was excited to go to church dances. Wasn't that last weekend??? Glad she had a wonderful day!


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