Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Duh Moment

This made it to my inbox today and I have been thinking about it all day long.

The minute we say something is difficult we make an arbitrary judgment on the task. Instead of obsessing over how difficult or easy it is, just do it. Focus on the result and, what's even more important, your reason for making it happen.

I think that I do that a lot. I decide something is hard with prejudice instead of with actual knowledge. I panic and call my husband or my mom before I really even try. Sometimes I call just to vent, but then another person is involved and it actually gets more complicated than if I had just thought it through on my own. This very thing happened in two different situations today and the solutions to the problems were much easier than I had pre-judged them to be.


Thank goodness I always get another turn in this sometimes completely un-fun Game of Life.

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