Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Gravity of Life (and Roller Coasters)

Tonight Sam went from an ending to a beginning in one step.
He was a senior, finished, at the apex of one of the swooping ups of the roller-coaster of life.
(I know, it is one of my favorite metaphors.)
For him, everything is visible at this moment, and gravity is harnessed for its power.
It is a well deserved moment of pride and happiness.
Put your hands in the air and scream, Sam!
Now he looks ahead and tomorrow is another day.
Just another day.
Job interviews, thinking about university this fall, getting his first debit card, grown up stuff.
It's that part of the roller coaster that gives you a minute to catch your breath.
It's nothing but a steep climb ahead.
But, amazingly, the momentum of the previous thrilling freefall will push him up, up again.
To other apexes and other thrilling moments
Where the views are wide and the feeling of flying is real.


  1. Wow. Your kids are growing up so fast... I suppose I shouldn't remind you of that, huh? But you do get grandkids someday, that's totally worth it! All the fun, none of the responsibility!

  2. Congrats Sam. Exciting moment. I love how you wrote about this. I was right on the roller-coaster with every word. So true.

  3. I LOVE that picture of him. And I love what he's done. Congrats, Sam :)


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