Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Harvest Begins

Even though I've been using herbs for several weeks, tonight I got the first real food out of the garden. I found my first 10 greenbeans with probably 40 that will be ready in a day or two. I also harvested the first of the chard that grew as volunteers from self-sown seed. I had simply let my chard bolt (bloom and go to seed) last year, and enough of the seeds either survived in the compost pile or overwintered in the soil that I got 20 good plants this year. I sauteed it in olive oil with garlic, shallots, salt and freshly ground nutmeg. It was absolutely delicious. Not a trace of bitterness and even the stems were tender enough to eat. It is so very enjoyable to me to take things out of my yard and either cook them or give them to someone else to eat.


  1. Awesome! I am watching my very small, sad garden. I think it will be some time before we harvest.

  2. It's been SO cold around here, I never got around to even PLANTING! Is it too late? I may just try some tomatoes and zucchini.


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