Saturday, June 05, 2010

One that Mr. Handey Could Have Written Himself

Sometimes, when you are out running, 
You will fall on your face
And your knees and your wrists
And it will hurt really bad
And you will think, 
"Wait. I hate running right now. Why did I leave my house?"

Yeah. This happened to me today. Of course. The universe knows I have a stinky attitude.  I have photos of my tangerine-sized knee, but I'll spare you.  The good news is that no one saw me go down this time. The bad new is that several parts of my body are now spectacularly black, blue and red all over.
Now it is like a holy war. Me against the entire sport of running. That could be just the motivation I need.


  1. O dear. :( Well, if it helps you to get out of your funk then I guess that's a plus...right?

  2. Ouch! I did something similar last summer... just so you're not feeling alone in your clumsiness. :-D

  3. I hate that! Torture during other torture. That's how I feel when my entire body aches for days after working out.


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