Saturday, July 31, 2010

Almost There

The wedding approaches and amid the moments of wild-eyed panic, I'm feeling like things are coming together. I lost my grip completely a couple of times, but only for true emergencies, like the time that I accidentally canceled one of the rooms at the hotel where all my extended family is staying the night before the wedding. That was a bad moment. Fortunately, with the help of a very nice lady with a charming accent who works for the Intercontinental Hotel Group, I was able to fix it.

Other things are getting done as well. My assignment for youth conference was finished today, and everything went smoothly (I think). It was not a huge job, but it had a lot of details and it was really satisfying to feel like I got the details right. Plus, many of the leaders of the youth are my friends so it was great to see them and of course it is always great to hang out with teenagers. I just love them.

I came home and took a nap and am now in the midst of sewing the edges of the last couple of tablecloths for the reception here. Nearly everything else that I can think of or that fills the wedding list pages of my journal is bought, ordered, reserved, borrowed, cut, sewn, made and, I hardly dare say it,  done. I really can't believe that. It's not the last minute yet. What's happening to me? Some alien has taken over my body- a self-motivated, organized, and freakishly linearly thinking alien no less.

No, that's not true. I owe the organization and linear thinking to my decidedly non-alien friends who have volunteered their time to help with a lot of those verbs listed in the last paragraph. That meant I had to plan and then honor actual blocks of time on my calendar to do the tasks. Just that one thing was so helpful to me.  If only I'd thought to have a friend make all the travel arrangements. I'll have to try that next time. And miraculously, the offers of help are still coming, which just amazes me and fills me with a deep and weepy gratitude for all the great-heartedness and generosity that there is here in my little corner of the world. Our little homemade reception will be a real celebration because of all those great hearts. I think I feel a chorus of "Sunrise, Sunset" coming on.

Anyway, I picture this kind of helping as a big, cosmic circle of service. It's not always a direct back and forth thing-you help me, then I help you, end of story. More often it's I help you, then you help her, then she helps him, and he helps someone else, and then way down the line, someone helps me.

I love that.


  1. I love this post, what a time in your life you are having right now. I LOVE that your linear-ness is shining and helping you to be in a peaceful state. I'm SO STOKED FOR YOU!!

  2. You did such a good job with the workshops at youth conference. All the kids in my group, and my own girls loved every one of them. It was so well organized and went so smoothly.

    I am so excited for you and your boy and your family to be experiencing this wonderful time of adding on. Even though it comes with work, I think it is definitely one of those mother blessing times.

  3. i can't wait to hear how it all goes!! i am so impressed with you.


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