Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

I really feel like I shouldn't go to bed without acknowledging this day. It's my 24th anniversary. I remember my parents' 24th anniversary, because it was the year my first son was born and I remember very clearly that they were old. No really, they were. But actually, my mom was was YOUNGER than me by several months when she celebrated her two-dozenth anniversary. Friends, the time, it is a-changin'. The days and months and years are already starting to wheel 'round faster and faster-it seems like just yesterday I was writing about my 20th anniversary and being amazed at THAT number of years.

Eric and I kissed each other this morning on his way out the door and reminded each other to say, when anyone asked how many years, "Twenty-four WONDERFUL years," all tongue in cheek and smiling. But really, we were pretty serious.
Full of wonder they have been, indeed.
Happy Anniversary, my dearest and most faithful friend.


  1. Happy Anniversary! You two are certainly a model for the rest of us (or at least, I get a lot of my goals for a future hubby from friends like you)

  2. Happy Anniversary. I hope you had fun at the Furnace Inn.

  3. Hope it was lovely, Kellie. Congrats on two dozen wonderful years! :)

  4. rock on!! happy anniversary!


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