Saturday, October 09, 2010

Easy Dinner

I'm in such a dinner rut, but sometimes, limited parameters bring out creativity. Tonight it was so nice to make a pantry/food storage dinner that involved opening 4 cans, a box, and an egg, then stirring. I can deal with that. 

Mexican Soup
1 can Rotel tomatoes (regular canned, crushed tomatoes work fine, too)
1 can corn, undrained (frozen corn works great, too. No need to thaw or cook, just toss it in)
1 can black beans, undrained (pintos, great northern or kidney beans work fine, too)
1 can canned turkey or chicken, undrained (optional, you can add another can of beans, any type, instead of using canned meat)

1 packet taco seasoning

Open cans, pour into pot, add taco seasoning, stir and heat.
Serve  by placing some tortilla chips or broken taco shells in the bowl, ladling soup over and topping with cheese, sour cream, chopped green chiles, etc.

Most properly served with cornmeal muffins made from Jiffy mix. You'll make me look bad if you make them from scratch.

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  1. We call it taco soup, and you are correct, it is delightful. I can smell the cornbread. AND the only way to make cornbread if from a box, or a bag..... :)


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