Wednesday, November 03, 2010

12 Days and 8 Photos

Since my last post: 
Teaching, soccer, so proud of my kids, sewing, packing, getting sick.

Church, Young Women, Personal Progress Recognition, still sick.

Time with friends, packing, shopping for concessions, printing, making phone calls, Eric home at last, still sick but too occupied to notice.

Skipping class, still sick, driving to West Point, gorgeous foliage, Erin, Sue, baby bumble bee, yummy stir-fry.

Erin, mommy-errands, darling children, talking, laughing, pretzel m&m's, McDonalds, feeling better, driving to Hartford.

Hartford, teaching, meetings, two dinners, one dessert, wonderful pals from all over. 

Teaching, fashion show, shopping, friends, tired, no pajama party for me.

Still teaching, banquet, wishing I was home, Sara at Homecoming, Evan winning soccer, missing Halloween fun. 

Still teaching, great conference, driving home from Hartford, NJ Turnpike, beautiful bridges, friend driving with me (thank goodness), talking to darling far away friend, home at last. 

Back to the routine, tutoring, art assignments, book club, Bonaparte bread, yummy food, very, very tired. 

A phone call from Germany, class, assignments all wrong (thus no photos this week), doing them over, quiet evening (of all things), daughter making brownies, voting, very tired. 
Today, Wednesday again: 
Ford's Theater with Corinne, perfect outing, metro, audio tour rocked, fun youth activity, feeling like myself again. 

And now the Photos: 
Young Womanhood Personal Progress Recognition
The foliage on the drive to NY.
Me and one cute baby on post at the USMA at West Point.
Me and my friend Erin and two of her kids.

Beth, Gwen and Sarah, 3 reasons why I love to teach at Stitches.

Sara in the yellow dress at Homecoming. I love these smiles.

Here we are by the box where Lincoln was shot.  You'd think we'd be a bit more sober, but it was a lovely day and will get its own post, complete with a funny story or two. 

We had a variety show tonight and the kids did great. It was really fun. Here they are applauding their friends.


  1. What a fun post!! Sara looks SO DANG CUTE in that dress. Good for her :)

  2. You are such a busy woman! I'm so glad we got to see you. And I'm so glad everything worked out with your sweet daughter's homecoming.


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