Monday, November 15, 2010

Finally, A New Assignment for Art

I really like this one. It was fun to do and I love how it turned out. It is scrapbooking paper, torn, cut and glued down on illustration board. The image is 10x16.  At my instructor's request, it is based on this assignment. and it was fun to reinterpret the same image. The requirements were to use at least 3 cool colors and at least 3 warm colors to add depth and complexity to a repeating image. My repeating image is the wave shape. Plus, there is a repeat of the triangle. She gave me dispensation to use some license on the placement of the colors. It was actually supposed to be a completely cool background with a warm foreground. I did mostly the opposite. I swear on my knitting needles that I never knew I had this sort of thing in me. That's why we should never give up learning.  This makes me happy and if I hadn't taken the leap to take the class, I would never have tried it.

Where to go from here has become a mystery because HCC did away with the photography certificate. A certificate is 30 hours of just the fun classes, intended for those going into the workplace rather than transferring to another university. Now they only have a 60 hour Associate Degree in photography. That mean's I'd have to take all the core classes-English 121, Math for People Who Wish They Didn't Have to Take Math and all that. It seems a bit silly to see if I could transfer my 60 or so core credits from two different 4-year universities down to a community college, just so I can get an AA. So, now I have to decide whether to start from scratch, get my online Bachelor of General Studies from BYU because they'll still honor all my credits from 25 years ago, or just keep taking the fun classes and not worry about the credentials.  In the meantime, I'll look at my pretty picture and smile.


  1. I LOVE IT! Really, what a great use of scrapbook paper! Whatever decision you make, you'll succeed, I'm sure. Miss you!

  2. okay, that is super fun!! what an awesome, creative thing you are doing!

  3. Awesome!! I will face those same decisions about what to do with those college credits someday. I think this class you have been taking it just wonderful!! You are an amazing artist!

  4. Beautiful work! Good luck with the college decision. If I were in your shoes, I'd just keep taking the fun classes. ;) It's inspiring to see how you are developing your abundant artistic talents.


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