Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hard Day

I'm at a big wrestling tournament which started very promisingly yesterday evening for Evan. Today however, he's running a fever and showing every sign of getting a nasty virus, so he's getting stomped every time. Days like this are for character building and learning to get up when you're down I suppose. I hope that's what my boy is getting out of the experience. The good things I can find are that he's willing to keep stepping out onto the mat and his teammates and sister are being incredibly supportive and helpful. That's always nice to see.

Update: Later on in the day, in a nail-biter of a scrappy fight, Evan came out and won his last match of the day on points, 7-5. It was the best possible outcome because it showed that he believed in himself enough to keep trying after getting pounded so many times and while feeling at his lowest physically. I was so proud of him. I've seen my other boys go through this same thing and it reminds me of why it is that sports and other challenging activities can be a good thing.


  1. It sounds like it was a positive experience even though it was hard. Glad he kept trying!

  2. that is awesome. not that he was sick of course, but that he stuck with it and even won in the end. so cool.


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