Thursday, December 23, 2010

It Does a Mom's Heart Good

A couple of months ago, when I knew I was having some younger children coming to stay with me, I bought some washable tub crayons, just for fun.  My own kids love them and the crayons have taken up permanent residence in the shower, yielding some fun results.  My kids will have graffiti conversations with each other, games of tic tac toe, etc.  The other night, Evan won a wrestling match with a pin in the first minute. The next morning, this is what I found in the shower:

I love this one because if you look closely,  the figure standing up is identifiable as Evan by the green eyes. 


  1. What a fun thing! And what good kids you have :)

  2. I love this too! Way to go Evan! :)

  3. I have to add my own "Love this!" The fruits of a happy family. :)


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