Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catching Up

Last week was strange. 
The schedule was off to begin with (midterms), then weather skewed everything even more. 
Everything went by in a sort of fog.
I forgot things and let things go that I shouldn't have. 
I was so annoyed with myself.
Then I had my tooth thing and used that as a further excuse to stop for a day and do nothing. 
(But oh how people's kindness warmed my heart!) 
Then I went deep inside myself and wrote my talk for church. 
(I actually felt really good about it, even though I wish I wouldn't cry.)
There were TWO wrestling meets on Friday and Saturday 
(yep, one was rescheduled because of weather)
Then yesterday was, yes, another day off school. 
Good for teachers. 
But not good for routines. 
Comfy teens in jammies on the couch make me want to sit down and join them and chat and laugh and be comfy myself, not do other things. 
Now I'm plowed under and trying to dig out. 
Today is: 
making and mailing discs of wedding photos all over the country
packing for my upcoming lovely weekend away
shopping for said weekend
another wrestling meet
helping my friend with her book
making a dr. appointment for my aching leg (because internet medical searches of my symptoms are not making me happy)
sorting photos of wrestlers for senior night next week
and then in the afternoon, as a reward
Ah...a massage from my friend (for medical reasons-that leg-remember??)
Ah is much better than Bah. 
Funny how one letter makes such a difference. 

just a random photo-my glass globes in the pale winter light


  1. I hope your catching up is going better than mine. Can't seem to get motivated today. Hope your leg's feeling a lot better soon!

  2. Hope your leg feels better soon! Let me know when you're heading this direction. I'd love to catch up with you. Miss you!

  3. yikes!! i hope everything is okay with your leg!! yeah, that snow sort of sucks the life out of you yes?

  4. I know - this snow just throws me completely off. Let me know how the leg stuff goes and make everything fall into place soon :)

  5. It's annoying when there's something that makes us slow down and we just don't feel like we have the time! I would want to hang with the teens in jammies too. Hope you feel better soon!


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