Monday, February 21, 2011

Big Old Jet Airliner, Take Me to My Home!

I left Denver on Wednesday and flew to California for 4 fun days of teaching at a knitting conference. I'm so glad I got to see my family in Colorado and that I get to go on these trips.  Now I'm on the way back east. One of the facts about staying in large, fancy,  hotels is that the food and the internet cost large and fancy amounts of money. Sometimes I would gladly trade the super-duper mattress for a decent free breakfast and free internet, for crying out loud, which are easily available at any one of the lower-priced motels I usually frequent. This hotel didn't even have free internet in the lobby so for 5 days, I ate girl scout cookies, 7-dollar bagels and banquet food, and my internet access was limited to trying to keep up with the occasional email through my phone.  I have lots to catch up on but no photos yet, but I feel like writing at least a bit as I wait at the airport, hoping that even though I'm routed through Chicago, I will have the weather gage and make it home tonight. It's been a fun week, but a long time to be away from home and family.

Over the weekend at Stitches West, I taught a total of approximately 266 students over the course of 12 knitting classes, which is actually sort of thrilling to me when I think about it. That's a lot of people! I got overwhelmingly positive evaluations, which sounds really braggy, but mostly it just means I'm on the right track in my approach, which is good information for a quivering mass of self-doubt like me that has to exert constant effort to maintain a realistic view of my good qualities. I try to be really open to comments and not let ego get in the way of really providing a good product in the classes I teach, so the evals are important to me. I got to share some good conversations with my dear friends at the shows and make a few new friends. I have to say that the people I've met through this job are a huge reason I just love doing it.

Well, they're starting to get us ready for boarding, so I'm going to pack up and get ready to go. It's been a great trip but right now I feel like I can't get home fast enough.


  1. Hope you made it home safe! Last night wasn't fit for man nor beast (nor airplanes!). I know what you mean about the expensive hotels. You'd think they'd let you have a few things for free because they're charging so much for the room, but no. I suppose they don't get many 'normal' people in their hotels ;) the beds are very nice, though.

  2. That is a lot of students! I know my friends really enjoyed your class and I really enjoyed seeing YOU! I was surprised about the internet, too. For the 40 minutes or so I hung out next door at the Hilton, it was something like $9.99 a day for internet log-in?!? yikes. Next year maybe I'll drive my own car down and I'll whisk you away and stock up your mini-fridge with yummy delectables. : ) Or do they charge you for that too...

    hope you made it through the storms okay!


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