Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Lovely Tuesday

Yesterday could go down as one version of a perfect day for me. The pace was slow, but I got a lot done, spent time with the kids and just in general felt like the world and I were in harmony. 

I woke up at 5:15 because I can't help it, dozed, read and caught up on email till 8 when I called my son at college (at his request) to make sure he didn't oversleep and miss a final. I found out that I have a snooze button as he asked me to call back at 8:30. I did and he assured me he was really up. I looked for webcams of the Boston Marathon to try and find my friends who were running. I didn't see them, but wished them well as I snuggled comfortably in my warm bed. Thinking about all that running must have had a soporific effect because I actually went back to sleep until the decadent hour of 10 am! I can't remember the last time that happened.  I finally roused myself for real and spent the bit of remaining morning puttering around in the garden, officially beginning the relentless battle against wild strawberries and dandelions that will last until about December. I thrilled to see that nearly every branch of our little apple tree has blossoms. I am hopeful for shelves full of golden applesauce this winter. So far the consensus is to not plant a new tree after losing our other apple tree over the winter. I'm still leaning toward planting one, though I think there are enough other apple trees in the neighborhood for proper cross-pollination. We'll see I guess. I like having a tree in front of the window, but the kids are enjoying the open view and more light. 

I am running a veritable plant nursery this year as I try to shepherd some new hydrangea and lilac bushes that grew from the ones I have into becoming independent entities. It's always fun to get new plants for only the cost of my labor and time. I love the thought of a whole giant hedge of lilacs across the back yard.

In the afternoon, Evan made banana bread pretty much on his own with just a few consultations from me. He is quite a baker and likes to make crumb cake and a few other favorites as well. We had so many bananas that we got 4 loaves, half plain and half with chocolate chips. That was pretty much all we ate for the rest of the day. I think I could actually live on banana bread. I like Martha Stewart's recipe with sour cream in the batter. I haven't been able to mess it up, so it gets the vote as the official family version. 

Later, Evan had practice and Sara went to a friend's house so the house was quiet for a while and I could do some fun art projects for an online workshop I'm taking. Practice ended early with a sudden thunderstorm and downpour, but it's just as well as Ev is nursing a pulled muscle in his back. 

True Confessions:
This is how I work on art projects. I sit on the floor with my
supplies in a fan all around me, put the towel over my lap
and create away.  The thing I'm currently working on is an
art journal about things that are important to me.
(It's sitting there in the lower right)
It's been fun to do.
After working in shifts on various loose ends, laundry and decluttering, the day ended pleasantly with me and the kids watching Harry Potter 7.1 while I crocheted on a blanket that will go to either my about-to-be-born nephew (any minute now) or my soon-to-be-born niece (July). 

I went to bed feeling satisfied, appropriately tired instead of exhausted, and excited for what the morning would bring. I like this kind of day the very best. 

We thought we might get 5 loaves, but we ran out of
sour cream. 
He suddenly looks much more teenager-y
than little boy-y.
He's a very precise child, so this is how he
laid out the butter to soften. Love it. 

We have a wheat grinder in the house again, so we added
a bit of WW flour to the batter. It worked out just fine even though it
was still just a bit too coarse. I'm still fiddling with the new

The fruit of his labor.


  1. I LOVE YOU! What a lovely day. and you're right, your little boy is looking rather teenagery. :-( thank you for a post on the simple things, and how sometimes, those days are the best

  2. what a wonderful day. those are the best. i love banana bread too. i will have to get your recipe.

  3. Yay! What a wonderful day! I love lilacs too :)

  4. Before I saw your caption on Evan's picture, I thought to myself, "gosh, evan looks like a man!" Haha. I envy your beautiful day, but boy do you deserve it!


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