Thursday, April 07, 2011


Tonight was the wrestling banquet for Evan's high school team. It was such a great event, with good food shared, comradarie enjoyed, kind words spoken, funny stories remembered, and a general nice feeling. The other parents are so nice-even though I'm not so outgoing at things like this, I do like helping and being useful, mostly because it is such a good icebreaker and I can get over my shyness and get to know people. In addition, there are strong boys on the team and hardworking guys doing the coaching, and my boys have all benefitted from the rigorous program at our school.  Evan had a tough first season, but he came out of it fully invested in the team, ready for more and having learned that losing is not the end of the world.  Here is another of my big projects of late-I was the team photographer and sorted through the more than 1200 photos I took during the season to come up with this:

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