Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a weekend!

My heart is full and overflowing.
Another son has left for a mission for our church.
To celebrate, we took many photos, spent time together as a family in the temple, took more pictures and tried to just BE together.
One acquaintance with 4 sons often said to me, "That is one reason I could NEVER be a Mormon. I could never let my sons out of my orbit for 2 years-it's barbaric!"
I know how weird it seems.
But look at his face, that body language, that confidence.
He's ready to change the world. Why would I stop him?

This is a nineteen-year old goofball boy who still takes genuine joy in audible flatulence and wants me to scratch his head and back every single day. 
I will miss that for a while. (The latter, not the former.)
But I truly, truly wouldn't have him miss this for any amount of back-scratching or keeping him in my orbit.

Take Luck, Elder Nuss. I love you!

Friends stopping by

The boys he grew up with. 

The last moment in the airport. I waited till he couldn't
see me to cry. 

With the sibs and his pal from high school

He's in the air right now. 



  1. Best wishes for a wonderful mission to Elder Nuss and to his family while he is away. He will be an awesome missionary! I loved all the pictures!

  2. While I can't say that I fully understand this practice, it is obvious that he is feeling confident and ready for this experience. I have great respect for you as a mother for supporting him and letting go in such a respectful and nurturing manner. Best to your son!

  3. oh, the memory of that moment when he turns and walks away. There is nothing like it in all the world. AND there is nothing like that moment when, two years from now, you are waiting just outside security, and he appears around that corner. Love them.

  4. This made me teary. It is amazing what a mission will do to these boys. And we think Sam is incredible now!!

  5. Oh my word!! Missions are so amazing. I am so excited for him and pray for your peace of heart and mind!


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