Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sinking In

I've been taking an online class called Soul Restoration and it has been a great experience for me. This week I'm working to finish the last couple of lessons because the second part has started up and I don't want to fall too far behind.

I have to admit I was skeptical at first. I usually avoid psychobabble and bestseller-type self-help stuff. Like the plague. But, my good friend whom I trust recommended it. And I just love making things. In bright colors. Just for fun. So I decided to fully commit and bought two fresh jars of Mod Podge for the journey.

I'm so glad I did. It has been such a delight and here's why:

I work pretty hard to keep my overlarge right brain under control with things moving along in some sort of order, and sometimes I think that process makes me really tired. I keep to my lists and feel the pressure of getting everything done and just a bit of the twinkle goes out of my eyes because it's so not my natural way.  For this class, however, my less linear side got to be in charge. And just in case you were wondering, an unfettered right brain, a stack of art supplies and a jar of Mod Podge can have some serious fun. The eye-twinkling kind. I found the projects to be freeing in a way that really got me thinking about the ideas put forward in the class. Nothing taught was revolutionary or rocket science,  but for me and my visceral, emotional self, it worked to get me thinking about some habits I'd like to break, some skills I'd like to put to better use, and some things to feel more settled and satisfied about. It worked better than just reading and making notes or watching a video. I had to work with my hands WHILE I was thinking about things, and stuff has started to sink in.

For example, last night I worked though a lesson and had one of those head-slapping duh moments that are often a portent that I need to get myself together in some way. I sometimes have these senses about my life, that something's coming and I need to get ready. I'm feeling that way now, and I feel like my experience with what I wrote and thought about was one of the road signs on the way to Ready for Whatever it is. I feel motivated to work on some of the organized side of my life with all sort of artsy, free-form reminders to keep my thought processes going in the right way. Like Mary Poppins for my mind, complete with her spoonful of sugar and magical bag. I can picture myself actually getting things done, but I'm pretty sure there will be kite-flying involved.

I can deal with that.

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  1. what amazing projects! i would love to hear more about them...


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