Saturday, July 02, 2011

Evan at 15

A birthday interview between me and my youngest on the occasion of his 15th birthday.

Me: How was your birthday this year? (It was this past week)
Evan: Awesome. Probably my favorite birthday ever. (He was at EFY, a church camp for teens.)
Me: What's the best thing about your life at 15?
Evan: I'm halfway through being a Teacher.
Me: Why?
E: Because that means I'm almost a Priest. I can't wait for that.  (He's not planning on becoming a Catholic priest, he's referring to his path through the offices of the Priesthood as administered by my church, which is held by all worthy males over the age of 12.)
Me: What was something good about the last year?
E: (while texting on his phone) A lot of stuff.
Me: Such as?
E: Um, another year of EFY.
Me: Anything else?
E: Um, Jeff getting married? I don't know.
Me: How was your freshman year of high school?
E: Awesome.
Me: Anything specific?
E: No.
Me: What's your favorite way to spend your spare time right now?
E: No answer.
Me: Ev?
E: (annoyed) Whhhaaatttt?
Me: Repeats the question.
E: (sleepily) Nothing.
Me: Are you too tired for an interview right now?
E: Yes.
Me: Okay.

So there you have it. A typical conversation between me and my boy. I missed his birthday in person this year, but he had a great day. The text I got from him after I sent him the birthday song, one line at a time, all throughout the day, was absolutely effervescent with happiness. Really. So, I'm glad for that. He and I have a week alone together coming up while Sara and Johnathan are in Spain, so we'll see some movies and have some lunches out and properly celebrate as much as we can.

Right now Evan is a fun, full-featured young man. He is smart, witty, free-spirited and extremely enjoyable to be around, yet he is also incredibly organized and focused in school, having just completed a rigorous freshman year with a gorgeous GPA. He's athletic and friendly and enjoys being around his family. He makes me smile. I can't imagine life without him and honestly can't believe he's growing up so quickly. I remember him as a calm, happy baby who smiled constantly and basked in the attention of his older sibs, and now he's almost as tall as me and on the cusp of manhood. Time does not fly, it actually just disappears.

He's fallen asleep over on the couch next to me and I can honestly say that even at 15, my kid is still adorable when he sleeps.

Happy Birthday Ev! I love you!

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  1. LOVE THIS POST. Love it. I must remember to interview my own teens someday :)


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