Sunday, July 17, 2011

Foreign Exchange

This week has been filled with the delicious excitement of arrivals.
Sara and Johnathan returned home from Spain on Monday.
They slept.
And talked.

And waited for their new-found friends to come. 

And on Wednesday, those friends did come. 
All the way from Madrid. 
Later than planned, and tired and not used to the humidity. 
But smiling and gracious. 

I like them both so much, Jorge and Sergio. 
The house is full again-5 kids here and lots to do: 

Late nights and welcome meetings and swimming and visits to the city-we've been busy. 
It will be gone in a blink, so I want to remember it all. 

Johnathan was first off the bus when
they arrived home on Monday. 

Sara saw Evan and dropped her bag...

and ran straight to him. 

On Wednesday the Spanish kids arrived and there were
many reunions. 

Welcome Sergio! We still need a photo with Jorge, one
of the Spanish chaperones, who is also staying with us. 

Friday was a  big party at Splashdown, a local pool with a
rocking waterslide...

And a rope swing.

And room for everyone to have a big, splashy visit. 

Johnathan on the rope. 

Jorge swishes out of the slide tube. 

Johnathan does his best Superman impression.

While Sara looks more like an angel when she flies. 

We love this photo both because of Ev's awesome
flipping skills AND the looks on the faces of the women
in the background. 

Today we went into Baltimore to check out Artscape.
We took the Light Rail train which is sooo slow but easier
than trying to park downtown. 

Artscape had all you would imagine a street
festival to have: Sights to see...

Hawaiian ices to savor...

Time to spend together...

and of course, Five-dollar lemonade that you can't
resist because your water bottle is
empty and it's so hot.

The train on the way home was crowded-we had to
stand for the first 20 minutes. 
On the way out of the city, you see
everything from the urban landscape

to the wetlands of the Patapsco River...

Sometimes you have to wait for the next train to get to
your station. 

But when you're with friends,
both new and old, it's all

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  1. SUCH great pictures!!! What a FULL times for you :)


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