Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not Exactly Alliteration, But Close

That is the subtitle. Here's the actual title: School, Chicago, Surgery and Other Stuff. See? Almost poetic, but Sicago just doesn't sound right.

First, school. Today the teens started their Senior and Sophomore years. It was my daughter's last first day of school. That always gives me pause. Another one of my kids nearly done with childhood. Anyway, that's another post. Evan is into his second year of high school and went dressed quite fashionably for a boy who used to take pride in wearing the same socks for a week at a time. It's fun to see them grow up.  I like them both so much--you can see below how likable they are.

Next, Chicago. My conference was great, in spite of my stress over Irene. I helped to present the Opening Day Spotlight with a jacket design project in which I participated with several other friends. We all started with the same plan for a jacket and every one  of us came up with a completely unique product. It was really fun to work with these gals on this.

Photo by Lisa Mannes
In the end, I moved my flight forward a day because of predicted travel chaos, then when things calmed down, I wasn't able to move it back, so I was blessed with a lovely found afternoon to spend in downtown Chicago.

I began by parking at the North Ave. Beach Park where there is a beach house shaped like a boat, walked south on the Lakefront Trail to Navy Pier, took an architectural boat tour on the Chicago River and the lake and saw many of the great buildings of this favorite of cities. I then rented a b-cycle (as easy as grabbing a cart at the airport) and rode back up the trail to the  Nature Museum, where there was another b-station location. It was a crystal-clear day with a crisp breeze and even though I would rather have been home in my heart of hearts, I really did enjoy this chance to just explore without an agenda, without having to be in charge of whether or not anyone else was having a good day, and just sort of go where the wind blew me. I tried to be in the moment and really drink in the sights, sounds and sensations of the city.

The skyline comes into view

Lake Michigan is, apparently,  full of love.
I found lots of heart-shaped rocks.

Hancock Building

Wrigley Bldg. on left, Chicago Tribune Bldg.
on right. 

Lighthouse on the lake

Skyline view from the SeaDawg

Stained glass in the Navy Pier gallery-
there is a whole installation of these
beauties in there!

Another gorgeous stained glass window.
This one reminds me of a quilt.  

I like this view of the skyline because it shows both the
Hancock and Willis (Sears) Tower

a b-cycle station at the Nature Museum,
right by the Lincoln Park Zoo. 

Me and my b-cycle. DC has rental bikes
like this and I think I may make a habit
of using them when I metro downtown.
It was easy and saved me a lot of time. 

And now, last and probably least, Surgery.  I had that BCC removed from my nose today. Everything went fine. Dr. Dawn and his darling helper Chinell carved an impressive hole in the side of my nose (I made them show me because I actually think it is interesting rather than gross), then he made a neat flap out of some of my cheek skin and sewed it back up again with many, many tiny stitches. So, now I can say I've had a nose job. Or maybe an under-eye tuck.  But really, for the moment, I can say I Am Lord Voldemort. Check out this action. I think the bandage and the droopy eye due to the anesthetic make a very friendly look. The good news is that they got all the cancer cells, and any soreness has been manageable with a little ibuprofen. That's not to say that I won't be glad to be free of my dressing-that-must-not-be-named tomorrow, but I can't complain one bit about any of it. Thank goodness for my slight OCD about medical conditions and the miracles of modern surgery.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Charming children! Glad so many problems turned out fine, you have been blessed!

  2. My word! I didn't know you had bcc! I am glad that your dr. took good care of you. And I love your chicago pics!! Oh i love that city. I am so glad you got to go!


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