Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today I'm Thinking About...

  • Far away friends and how hearts can stay in touch even when busy mom brains have trouble finding time to do so. Last Sunday I got another golden hour with  Ashlee (now from Texas) and it was wonderful to spend time with a dear kindred spirit and see her beautiful children. It matters a LOT to me that she took time to meet me. This is now two summers running that we've caught a glimpse of each other and I'll take it.  This week also proved that even after SIX years without seeing each other, it can still feel just right to be together with a friend of my heart. This is Jill, who used to live here but now lives in Nebraska and her daughter got married this week. I flew out for the wedding and I'm so glad I did. We are still Punch and Judy and that makes me happy. 
  • How much more comfortable I am looking at the world through my camera and how simultaneously fun and strange it was to not be in charge of photography for this wedding but how I couldn't resist and took 150 candid shots anyway because I just like observing people and capturing moments.
  • My cozy little home and my family and how much I really missed them on this trip, especially when I got delayed due to storms and had to wait an extra day to return. I could not get here fast enough and when Eric came to pick me up I couldn't stand to be alone one more minute while I was standing in line to find my lost luggage. I asked him to park and come in and he did even though it was a long wait and a big hassle and as soon as I saw him, then I really felt like I was home after my long, long day of rebooked travel. 
  • My missionary boy, Sam. His letters THRILL me.  He is positive and determined, focused and faithful. I often joke that my kids are turning out well in spite of me, but sometimes, in moments of peace, the truth distills in my mind that they actually are reflecting things I've tried to show them and that they are part of a chain of family strength that started a long time ago and now will go forward into the future. I'm grateful for that. Here he is back in June while still in the MTC (back row, far left). 
  • The C word. Yes, Cancer. I have a tiny little Basal Cell Carcinoma on my nose that will be removed in a week or so by way of MOHs surgery. It's not a big deal at all because I found it early and it's kind of a "good" cancer to have, due to its slow-growth habits, but it sure makes you think, I'll tell you what. I've always considered myself a ticking time bomb for skin cancer due to my pale skin and reddish hair, so I'm kind of paranoid about bumps and things. I get teased about my constant checking and asking my family members about their skin, but this time it paid off, thank you very much. 
  • Lots of other things, but that's enough for now. Sometimes I really do wish that Pensieves were real. I lose too many thoughts, but at least these few are saved. 


  1. Is there anything I can do to help you? I'll have help here for a week after Aug. 31 so could actually leave the house for a short time. Let me know.

  2. Yay for time with friends. I wish you well with your surgery. Good thing you check those bumps! Real pensieves would be awesome.:)

  3. Oh friend. GLAD you caught the bump, that is not something you play around with, so nice job :) Love that pic of your boy!!

  4. Oh goodness Kellie! I am so glad you found that little bump. This hurricane is really making an impression. I agree a pensieve would be fantastic wouldn't it?


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