Friday, August 26, 2011

Waiting for Irene

I'm in Chicago teaching at a conference. Irene the hurricane is on her way to my and many other hometowns. I was supposed to fly home on Sunday. I should have called earlier to change my flight. Now I've been on hold with the airline for 45 minutes. The website won't even let me in. Goodness. Apparently this is serious. The news is using words like "Extraordinary Impact on Eastern Seaboard."  Wow. That's where I live.

I know my family will be okay because I went all ballistic and provident-living-ish on them before I left, with lists and things to do and gather and find,  so they're all ready.  I just wish I was going to be there with them. These are the times when I feel homesick.

As the saying goes, so shall I try, and to all my loved ones currently in the path of the monster, you're in my thoughts and prayers every minute, all the time.  Hug each other and roast a s'more on the grill for me if the power goes out.


  1. I don't want to say wish you were here, but I do :)

  2. hope you're able to get home without too much delay!

  3. Hope by the time you see this you're at home. Its always hard to be faraway when you know things aren't normal at there.


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