Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Benefits of Living on the East Coast

Just now, my younger brother and two of his kids drove off into the early morning on their way to fly to his next assignment for the Air Force. It's a far-away assignment, but luckily for us, we live a lot closer to several major international airports than they used to be at their last location, so it worked out for Phil and family to make us their final base camp for 5 days or so before the big fly-out. What a joy it was. I feel such heart-deep happiness to have seen them, to have held the kids in my arms, to have been called Aunt Kellie (or occasionally Aunt Megan or Aunt Tina-sometimes they couldn't remember at first just which aunt I am), to have talked with my brother and just felt the ease and closeness of family. We will all miss them so much, but will smile for a long time as we think of the memories of this weekend.

Sara and O got some nail-painting time. O would call us,
"My cousin Evan," or "My Aunt Kellie." It was very endearing.

My sister-in-law before she and O headed
toward their new home a couple of days before Phil

Phil with his most adorable youngest son

The brothers, my nephews

L took charge of this impromptu little photo-shoot. He chose
the poses and kept asking for more shots with his little

Evan and J got along great.  As Ev left for
school today he said, "I'm going to miss
him so much!"

Holy cow this baby is delicious.

He pretty much stole all our hearts

L was a genius with the legos. He is such
a thoughtful, fun eight-year old. I love
that we got to spend some time with him,


  1. I'm so glad you had a wonderful visit!

  2. i love that you had family stay with you. and that little buddy would steal my heart too...he's so cute!!

  3. too cute!! (you're welcome, phil and alex! haha). looks like so much fun. we are already looking forward to getting to come out in december!


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