Wednesday, October 05, 2011

De Plane! De Plane!

Last Christmas, my pal suggested buying our two boys Groupons for a flying lesson. They could use it as a Merit Badge for Scouts and have a fun day together in the bargain. It finally worked out to do it last week on a day off school. It was just great. We had a beautiful day, they were game for the adventure, and they had a great instructor. He took a half-hour or so to show them the fundamental parts and procedures of the aircraft itself, they they took off. J flew over the bay to Cambridge and Evan flew back over to Bowie. They were gone almost 2 hours. The smiles on their faces upon exiting the plane were absolutely priceless. It was clear that they had a great time. Thanks to M for putting it together and making it happen!
Joseph and Evan interspersed with our special guests for the

Preston and Xavey keep the boys occupied

Till finally it's time for the lesson!

Flight Instructor Rob shows them their aircraft. 

And tells about procedures. 

They climb in and start the engines. 

We all watch excitedly as they take off!

And then land again!
You can actually see their grins from 50 feet away. 

The pilot, the students, and the aircraft. 


  1. ACK!! This is SO STINKING FUN!! Oh I am glad he got to do it with such a great friend - that is a memory for a lifetime :) GOOD MOMMY!

  2. That is fantastic! I love it. What a cool thing for them to do.


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