Sunday, October 09, 2011

Late Night

Late at night
I can get the dishes done without interruption
And make sure the house is set till tomorrow
Sometimes I love the quiet and the soft solitude
Of moving singly from room to room
Puttering and placing and parsing the busy day into something that makes sense
Sometimes I feel that way
But not tonight
Only one child said goodnight, and my visiting brother, too
Everyone else just slipped away
and I was left with a vague feeling of unrest
And annoyance 
I clanged brusquely through the dishes
And complained madly in my head that no one had put the food away
But I didn't ask for help
I didn't realize I wanted it until I was all alone
And had time to think of the fact that
A particular challenge left me frustrated and isolated
And wishing for someone to talk to
Not peaceful and ready for bed
It didn't happen
No one  heard my mental cries for company
So I'll write about it and go to sleep 
And wake up to a new day

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