Friday, February 10, 2012

America is Awesome. It really Is

I know. Things are crazy.
I know. It's hard to know what to believe or who to vote for or what is real.
I know a lot of people are having some serious, real hard times.
I know that there are a lot of bad, stupid people here in our fair land.

But really. America is still awesome. It is.
B'lieve Hon, as they say here in my hometown.
We can still speak our minds.
We are safer and more secure than a lot of folks in other countries.
As tough as things might be, you still can make your own opportunities. I still totally believe that.

Keep the faith our founders had, do your best, get involved in some meaningful way, find a way to make life better for someone else.

America will continue on.

And dang it, we have Castle. That has to count for something in the historical record.

(and I know. Nathan Fillion is Canadian. But he lives here now, hehe.)


  1. exactly!!! hurray for castle!!

  2. Well stated. I shall try to have faith in what you say. And, I love Castle. I need to catch up on more episodes - thanks for the reminder!


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