Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Day in the Sun

Wheaton Regional Park's new playground
Last week, when the weather was mild, my sister was visiting, and she has three young sons. So, it was time for a day out in the sun. Little boys need to be outside on a day like that, so down to the park with the awesome playground we went. We ate a picnic lunch and I was able to sit in the sun with my sister, which is a rare and precious thing. The boys climbed and ran and explored and it was just grand. My nephews are funny and sweet and quirky and make me smile in a million little ways.

The very friendly Boy in the White Shirt takes his place
among the brothers
Clearly, their good personalities were shining through because there was this little boy at the park that just attached himself to 10-year old E and followed him everywhere. Up the ladders and down. Up the mountain and down. Into the web and all over. I was taking their pictures suspended in the webbing and he was right there, asking me to take his photo as well. Clearly he had found his tribe in these three little brothers. It was cute. At one point I think E was trying to sort of get rid of him by tracing an ever more complex path through the playground but the kid in the white shirt just stuck right by him.

After a couple of hours it was time to go home and we loaded up for a stop at the Trader Joes there on 29 just outside the beltway. It was easier for them to wait in the car with my sis so I promised I would be out in 7 minutes. We synchronized watches and I made it in 3:50. Ha!

There was much feasting on chocolate orange jellies and chocolate covered pretzels. I know TJ's has a lot of good stuff, but for me, they are the highest quality junk food in the land.

This was a good day of blue skies, laughter and fun, and I want to remember it.

There was a pair of hawks wheeling and dancing

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  1. I have to agree with you about Trader Joe's and junk food! (Though I get a lot of their "good stuff" too.) Their dark-chocolate-covered crystalized ginger is my downfall. Haven't tried the chocolate orange jellies...


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