Thursday, March 08, 2012


The world is tilting back toward the sun and the weather is crazy. Today was in the seventies after it being in the 40's on Monday with snow flurries. We're supposed to have wild winds and rain tonight, then tomorrow it will be mild and sunny again.

This is good news. Tilting skies and blowing winds mean that change is coming and it will be time for new things. I worked in the garden today and loved the soft air and green shoots everywhere. I gathered up the remains of last year's leaves to make way for this year's fresh growth and marveled at the regularity of the seasons. I'm still thinking about that last book I read and how the changing of the seasons brought feelings of peace and order. I love that about the natural world.

The other night the moon was so bright there were moon shadows and even in my bright urban sky and with that moon just dominating most of the stars,  I could see Jupiter and Venus right next to each other. I need to get our telescope out one of these nights when they are close. I love seeing Jupiter's rings and  great spot and being able to discern the brightness of Venus' reflective atmosphere.

Inside my own house, nature has also prevailed and all the seeds I planted have sprouted. I give them warmth and moisture, then light and air and soon I'll have plants. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with them and get them ready to move outside in a couple of months or so.

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