Saturday, March 31, 2012

Springtime Things

Springtime means:

Ants! Oh boy. I'm so glad I'm not squeamish and that I know they are harmless, because they are everywhere. They come and go, so I try to be friendly about killing them and not get too stressed.

Crazy Weather! Holy Cow! I've gone from flipflops and sundresses back to wool sweaters and and socks yesterday and today. I shot a wedding yesterday and the poor family had come down from NY state on Wednesday to glorious sun and warmth, then the day of the wedding dawned chilly and overcast, with spits of rain on and off all day. None of those things could dim the beauteous glow emanating from this couple, however.

General Conference! I just love this chance to set the world aside and immerse myself in spiritual things. It is so restful and uplifting to have this chance all weekend. It happens twice a year and each time it is a deep, cleansing breath of centering on the most important things. Anyone is welcome to listen here.

Making Things! I'm making kits for a service project, little daily art projects just for myself, and these cute little things called Hexipuffs that will someday be sewn together into this. It's good to be busy and feel creative.

And lots more things, but this is a taste. This week is spring break which will be both relaxing and busy, thanks to some scheduled things, the opportunities for unscheduled things, and getting ready for Easter. Plans for Europe are proceeding, with tickets purchased, documents in process, and plans being made.

Now I'm off to make cinnamon rolls, eat some Chipotle goodness and get ready for our traditional breakfast tomorrow. We're sharing with a couple of friends again, and it will be great.

Happy Spring everyone!


  1. Oh my word! That beekeeper's quilt! FANTASTIC@!!@@@

  2. Love love love those little beekeeper's quilt pieces...I could probably pass them off as bugs for tyler...he would love that!


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