Sunday, March 11, 2012

Word Play

I've always loved playing with words. I kept journals as a kid and collected rubber stamps to embellish the pages. I bought stencils and calligraphy pens so I could write in different ways. When computers came around, I immediately loved fonts and desktop publishing. These days, with nothing more than a click and a dream, I can create stuff I never could before. Here is some fun I've been having lately. Feel free to download and use these if you can. I made them for church use, but I'm happy to share.

The first was done in InDesign, the second in a nifty app that I can literally spend hours in called LetterMPress. It's available for both iPad and Mac and it simulates the process of creating letterpress prints. SO much fun. I'll never be able to try the real thing, but this gives you the unique woodblock look, the slowness, the old-fashioned set-up and even the sounds of placing your type and art, securing it all with magnets and bars, mixing custom inks and then watching the paper go through the roller. Digital art agrees with me because I can have all the fun but none of the mess, plus I never lose anything.

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